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Please check the rules, prizes, competitions and about pages first, they may already contain the information you require.
  »  will there be pcs available for me to use?
Yes. There will be 20 HP® DC 7100 Desktops Intel® Pentium® 4, 3.20GHz with 512MB NVIDIA® 7600 (Shader Model 3.0) workstations available for use. These are the competition machines.
  »  do i bring my pc?
There is a 600 person LAN happening at the event, if you wish to bring your PC along it is recommended you join the LAN.
  »  i'm not able to come to the event. can i still enter?
Yes! And you can win the cash prizes as well, the money will be transfered into your australian bank account. The additional physical prizes will only be awarded to attendants.
  »  i'm not an australian citizen. can i enter?
Anyone who resides in australia or new zealand may enter. Only one team member from your entry must be australian or new zealand residant. The only requirement is that you must have an australian bank account to claim cash prizes, or are present at the event. (This means no international bank accounts are accepted!)
If you have an international entry you may enter the competition and win the prizes, if:
  1. You come to the event yourself, or
  2. You team up with an australian to represent you, and provide a part of your entry (eg: the music), or
You may still enter the competition as a purely international entry, however you are then not eligable to win any prizes.
  »  why would i enter if i can't win any prizes?
Exposure. Have a look at the GO3 attendees and conference speakers. (Some of the international companies there: MS XBOX 360, Nintendo Wii, nVidia, Sierra, Epic Games, Lucasfilm, Midway, Massive Entertainment, etc.) On the industry day, as well as throughout the event these companies will be taking a look at the things on show - they may decide to make you an offer of employment, or an offer for your game. There are a number of publishers comming to GO3 with the expressed interest in recruiting new talent and licensing new titles.
  »  what does it cost to enter?
It's free!
  »  what does it cost to come to the event?
For competitors, the event will cost $15 for a three day pass ($18 for non-students). You must register prior to the event to recieve this price. If you are coming as a spectator you will have to pay the standard GO3 Expo entry prices.
  »  will there be internet access?
  »  what is happening at the event?
  • Friday, 30th March
    09:00 (9:00 am) - Start, doors open. Competitors will be able to test their entries on the competition machines and have the opportunity to meet industry people.
  • Friday, 30th March
    17:00 (5:00 pm) - Final Deadline for all entries
  • Saturday, 31st March
    09:00 (9:00 am) - Day 2. Doors open for the public, all entries available for the public.
  • Saturday, 31st March
    17:00 (5:00 pm) - Close of Day 2.
  • Sunday, 1st April
    09:00 (9:00 am) - Day 3. Doors open for the public.
  • Sunday, 1st April
    13:00 (1:00 pm) - Nullarbor Screening (GO3: Main Stage)
  • Sunday, 1st April
    14:00 (2:00 pm) - Voting Closes.
  • Sunday, 1st April
    15:00 (3:00 pm) - Nullarbor Awards Presentation Ceremony (GO3: Main Stage)
  »  what happens on friday?
Friday is open only to the competitors, so they can test their entries, and make their final submissions. Friday is also the GO3 industry day, so conference speakers and participants, as well as expo industry and trade participants will be present and looking around. This is a fantastic opportunity to network with potential buyers, employers and employees, as well as a chance to take a look at the expo exhibitors when its not so crowded.
  »  what are 'working stages'?
These are snapshots of your work that indicate how your work has progressed. You can either provide examples of your work during construction or a deconstructable final snapshot. These will not be redistributed (unless you wish to), and are only required from the winners to proove they created the entry if there is any doubt. Examples of working stages are:
  • picture / video
    • A sequence of images illustrating the progress of the work.
    • A photoshop (or what you used) file, or screenshots indicating your construction of the image.
  • audio
    • Samples you used
    • A abelton (or what you used) file, or screenshots indicating your construction of the tune.
  • executable
    • Source code / scripts
  »  what format should the demonstration video be?
A MAXIMUM three minute AVI, DivX.
  »  does the demonstration video count towards the entry size limit?
  »  no trees?
Nullarbor is latin meaning, no trees.