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  • Sumea:Launchpad Australian and NZ games developer website.
  • All your game development needs.
  • gamasutra Game industry articles - The art & science of making games .
  • Game and Demo programming articles archive.
  • Game development articles.
  • NeHe Popular OpenGL tutorials
  • International Game Developers Association
  • The Direct3D Graphics Pipeline book.
  • The ultimate demoscene archieve. All demo-related productions are available here.
  • Demo community review site.
  • Hugi Magazine One of the better known demoscene diskmags.
  • CFX web Demo and Game development.
  • .theprodukkt FarbRausch .werkkzeug development tool
  • demopaja Moppi demopaja development tool
  • fmod Popular music playback system, supports many traditional demoscene formats
australian computer graphics organizations
  • ACM SIGGRAPH - Perth.
  • Australian Digital Content Association.
  • The Australian Game Developers Conference.
  • BEAP Biennale of Electronics Arts Perth.
  • Digital Labourers Federation.
  • Game Developers Association of Australia.
  • MediaSpace Perth based electronic art research collective.
  • Orange Zucchini Perth design students organization.
  • Perth Macromedia User Group.
  • Perth MASSIVE Perth digital content organizations end of year function.
  • Perth IGDA, Perth IGDA Chapter.
  • PIGMI Perth Independent Game Maker's Initiative.
  • Redflag Lanfest Perth competitive gaming network.
  • Sumea:Launchpad Australian and NZ games developer website.
  • Three Minutes Perth based Cross-Media Collaboration.
  • WAnimate Western Australia animators.
video processing related links
  • DivX video software.
  • MPlayer and MEncoder cross platform decoding and encoding.
  • Virtual Dub A free video capture and processing utility.
  • VLC Cross-platform media player.
screen capture related links
  • Designing a Screen Shot System.
  • FRAPS : Realtime video capture.
  • .kkapture : Video capture (not realtime).
  • CamStudio.