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Interzone nullarbor 2007 during setup at GO3, hardware from Pixel Juice and Altiris software still to be installed. The queue outside to get in The interzone nullarbor 2007 area
Families enjoying the nullarbor games More nullarbor fans, the VJZoo projector with Affinity visuals in the background. CosPlay people enjoying the nullarbor arena
The nullarbor area and the surrounding expo The nullarbor screening Mark from Murdoch with Animation first place winner Gareth Lockett
Martin from ECU and Mark from Murdoch with Animation second place winner Martin Sawtell clutching his Microsoft gear Robert from Interzone with Animation third place winner cTrix, with his Vivendi prizes Demoscene first place winner cTrix
Demoscene second place winner Adrian Boeing Games competition first place winners Sandbox Software team Another great photo of the Game competition winners, unseen all the great prizes from Achieva, Altech, and Anyware.
Game competition runner ups OneTwenty Third place game competition winners, Game Pride with prizes and bags from Crumpler Graphics winner, Martin Sawtell, congratulated by Mike from Achieva
Graphics competition winners, 1st Martin Sawtell, 2nd Paul Geronimos, 3rd Gareth Lockett Music competition winner Chris McCormick Nullarbor organizers closing speach Adrian Boeing(left) from Pixel Juice, Martin Masek(right) from ECU, and naming sponsors Robert Spencer(middle) from Interzone Games
Adrian at the GO3 after party with major sponsor Anyware.
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