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Demo-making is teamwork. Each scener provides the team with different skills. Graphicians and musicians create suitable pieces of art, the programmers fit all the parts together in an extensive amount of detail work to finally make it an executable program: the demo.
Entrants are required to be able to provide proof they are the original authors of the entries! You will need to have working stages of your entry.

Please see the rules page for more information.
competition machine
IBM Intellistation M Pro Intel® Pentium® 4 EM64T 3.60GHz Processor with Hyper-Threading Technology
128MB NVIDIA® Quadro FX 1300 (Shader Model 2.0)
Microsoft® Windows XP Professional SP2
Latest DirectX & Video Card drivers
The game development competition combines all aspects of game development: design, code, art, sound. The game development competition is entirely open for you to decide what you would like to create, and what technologies you can use. The game size will be restricted to 32MB compressed (zip).
For voting the author of the game will be required to play the game for 3 minutes, or show the pre-recorded game video.
The major focus of the demoscene side of the event is the demo competition. It is this competition where the abilities of the programmers, artists and musicians combine to produce the overall work. There are two sub-categories of the demo competition; the traditional demo category, and the size restricted intro category.
  »  demo
The demo competition will be run on a x86 PC. The entry must contain some form of realtime generated effects. Pure animations and Flash animations are not allowed. Wild entries on alternative hardware will not be accepted. The demo size will be restricted to 16MB compressed (zip). You may use any programming language you wish to build your entry.
  »  intro
An intro is similar to a demo, except that it has one more restriction: the total file size of the work must be less than or equal to 65536 bytes. As a result far more effort and skill is required to create an intro as the size restriction requires innovative solutions from the musicians, artists and programmers alike. Virtual machine languages such as Java and .NET are not allowed for this category.

If there are not enough submissions in the size restricted competition it will be merged with the demo competition. Voters will be made aware of size restricted entries.
A suprise competition will be held on the day! Rules and prizes to be announced at the event.