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It's nice to have a game that sells a million copies.

-John Carmack

Art + Programming = Demo

-demoscene outreach group
nullarbor is a demoparty and game development competition combined. It is an event designed to bring together a community of Australasian programmers, desginers, artists and musicians to promote interactive technologies and a form of electronic art called demos. We hope to provide a forum where people can get to know each other, exchange ideas, as well as be given an opportunity to demonstrate, and improve, their skills.

The major focus of the event are the competitions which are designed to provide an incentive for individuals and groups to demonstrate their talents.

The nullarbor competition has been running annually since 2006 and has rapidly grown to one of the premier events in Australia and South East Asia.
nullarbor will take place at GO3, at the Perth Convention Exhibition Center.
The nullarbor screening will take place from the 1st - 3rd of August.
Perth is the worlds most remote large city. Australia's role in the demoscene is considered just as remote, and similarly Western Australia's role in game development has also been very isolated. The source of Perth's physical remoteness, and an Australian icon of isolation is the nullarbor desert. Hence, this event was set up, to celebrate the talent base available within an isolated Australia and to demostrate to the world that Australasian digital content creators are the best!
nullarbor is a non-profit organization dedicated to building a strong community of realtime digital content creators. We wish to provide a platform to support the existing community of developers, encourage industry growth and introduce interested people to the real time content development sector. nullarbor is run entirely by volunteers, if you wish to help with nullarbor activities contact the organizers.